Stephen Smith            Eclectic Singer/Songwriter

You, Me and The Revolution

2 - More than a dream


We’re only here for a lifetime,

Let’s get out and live while we can.

See how the bird flies high,

But she don’t care to look down.

Despite the blood and the tears and all of your fears,

What could be worse than knowing that it passed you by?

And when you look back you know in your heart,

Things could have been so much different for you

Had you have tried.


For you can become anything that you want.

Yeah you will become anything that you want.


You gotta open your eyes wide,

It’s more than a dream; it’s more than you could wish for.

And if you know what you want now,

It’s not a matter of time so what are you waiting for.

You gotta lift up your head, follow your heart,

And go to the places you always wanted to see.

Don’t ever look back, don’t fear regret,

Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid

To set yourself free.



We’re only here for a lifetime,

Let’s get out and live while we can.





3 - Face the Music


All the time that’s been wasted,

I lost my mind until the day I faced it.

I try to move a little further

And live a day without looking over my shoulder.


But I wish I was with you now,

Oh I find ways to think of you somehow.

Your strength it always seems to pull me through,

So when I’m down I just remember you.


I heard a whisper late one evening.

A sweet truth, it gave me the strangest feeling.

Standing there right in front of me,

A vision of you and it made me see.




Written by Catherine Cunningham

1 - You, Me and The Revolution


I really want to understand,

I want for us to find some common ground.

Where together we might stand!

Together we can make a change,

But we need to stand-up, we need to engage.

Whether we leave or we remain.


See you and me; we’re sat in the same boat.

But where are we heading for?

You and me we need each other now,

So what are we fighting for?


It doesn’t matter left or right,

If we lose our way caught in the fight.

And we can’t see what’s wrong and right.

While the NHS is on its knees

And we still got people sleeping on the streets.

But bigger bombs are what we need.


You and me can see which side we’re on,

So what are we fighting for?

You and me we need each other now.

So what are we waiting for?


4 - Outside


Wanna take a walk outside?

Wanna take a walk through these city streets?

Take a walk on the wild side,

Meet the people you should never meet.

Wanna take a walk outside?

Wanna see the things that you don’t see?

Just a moment of your time,

When he asks for change he don’t want your money!

Hey let me tell you a good one.

Hear the one about the guy who lost his home?

He gave up a zero hour job,

He was getting zero hours work.

Had his benefits sanctioned,

He didn’t have a penny to call his own.

Now he’s beat, he’s out on the street,

No job, no money, no hope!


Don’t you think it’s about time we all woke up?

Don’t look down until you’ve taken the time to look up.


Wanna take a walk outside?

Wanna spend a night out on your own?

Scratching round in the shadows,

Trying to find some shelter from the cold.

See the girl, the invisible, you never seen her before.

See the fear in her eyes,

What hope does she have?



And we walk on by?  How can we walk on by?


There goes Simple Simon,

Do you hear him talking to himself?

Since they closed the asylum,

He has to fend for both of himselves.

And I’ve been talking to Tail end Charlie,

He served in his county’s defence.

Now he lies alone and forgotten,

Now that he’s surplus to requirements.





5 - Only a boy


When I look back I hang my head

For the things that I have done.

In a time, in a place I will never forget,

I will never forget your face.


But I was only a boy when they gave me a gun,

A boy sent to fight in a war.

I never questioned your crime or my cause,

But I was only a boy, I was only a boy.


I wasn’t sure where I was going

Or what I may become,

Until I heard a voice, that said I have a choice,

A chance that I might be someone.

I took a hold of myself, I ran as hard as I could,

I could prove myself and be a man.

I was ready to serve; I was ready to fight,

I was ready to kill and I was ready to die.



Heed the battle cry, load up your guns,

While the bloody red river runs on and on.

This is not our war; this is another man’s cause!




6 - Shine on (Eggy's song)


If I close my eyes I can go to a place

And still see you there,

A knowing smile on your face,

While you offer your hand,

Knowing only too well, I will take it.

Well you and H hung around,

Whilst I sang a few songs

And we spoke of the past,

When we were so young,

And we laughed till we cried,

It was the last time I saw you my friend.


But you’ll always shine on.

You’ll never leave.

The love that is here for you will always live on.


The sun shone so bright, while we waited for you,

We all shared our stories and memories of you,

And when you came by the applause

That rang out was amazing.

Then we sat and listened when an old friend got up

And spoke from the heart of a man we all love,

And we laughed and we cried,

Man I’m proud to have called you my friend.


You’ll always shine on.

You’ll never leave.

The love that is here for you will always live on.


You’ll always shine on.

You are a legend; we’ll never forget you,

How could we, your spirit lives on.


You’ll always shine on,

You crazy diamond! x




7 - Our own worst enemy


I look about this town

And the way things work here

Really get me down.

I see the rich and greedy,

Grinding the working class down.

We work our fingers to the bone,

While they sit on their big fat arses all day long.

Why should they get to reap all we have sown?


And the more I look it seems to me,

We’ve come to be our own worst enemy.


I hear it every day,

Grown men moaning and wishing their lives away.

They can’t wait for the week to end, to do it all again.

Yet still they do nothing, to better themselves

Ain’t for the likes of them.

There’s more of us, this class war’s ours to win!


But the more I look it’s plain to see,

We’ve come to be our own worst enemy.


I look about this place

And it seems to me not too much has changed.

They still make laws to keep us in our place.

People living on streets, people living in palaces,

And we tell ourselves it’s just the way it is.

We are the ragged trousered philanthropists.


Bob Tressell was right you see,

We’ve come to be our own worst enemy.


In Unity there’s nothing we can’t achieve.

Come stand up now, there’s strength in Unity.


The time has come, the truth is clear,

We can’t afford to be our own worst enemy.




8 - When the fire's gone out.


I can't get the dirt off my hands,

I can't get this shit off my chest,

I spend half of my life underground

In this town where I live.

I stood and I fought for my right,

The right to provide for my own,

I've been stood on the line

Fucking wasting my time in the cold.


Now the fire's gone out

You've stolen my pride.

And the rich they get rich

While the rest fight like hell to survive.

Now the fire's gone out.


You prey on the greed of the fool

Who's now asking himself the question,

What the hell was he thinking

When he got to voting you in.

Well I hope you sleep well in your bed.

I hope you never know how it feels

To look in a child's eyes knowing

You can't provide what they need.


And the fire's gone out

And you've stolen my pride.

And while you kiss the president

We'll kiss the future goodbye.

Now the fire's gone out.


There's no light down here,

And there's no way of knowing

Which way I should turn,

I can't see where I'm going.

I swear I won't fall,

I'll stand with my brothers,

We'll scream and we'll shout.


Until the fire's gone out

And you've stolen my pride.

And like Elvis said we'll

Tramp the dirt down when you die.

When the fire's gone out.




9 - Standing down the Pier Head


You’re standing down the Pier Head

And you're feeling like a dickhead

Because the girl you waiting for

Is not on time.

And in your heart I guess you know

She was never gonna show,

But chin up son, things will work out right.

And so you head on in to town

And all your mates they put you down,

They’re glad to hear that she's not going blind.

They were all confused there

She don’t normally go with losers,

But chin up son things will work out fine.


There are bright lights on the Horizon,

There are new days that are yet to dawn.

It's a deep, dark pit when life is shit,

But you just gotta keep on keeping on.


The reds are winning they're ahead,

You think the points are in the bag

When they go and score 2 in Fergie-time.

And so you head back in to town,

The blue-noses all put you down,

And you're singing 'well we won it 5 times'.

Then later at the taxi rank

Your best mate he can't even stand,

He’s abusing every other passer-by.

And then some Bizzy takes offence

At the farm yard noises that he makes

And you both end up banged up for the night.



Sunday you go for a pint,

You tell yourself you'll be alright,

You tell yourself the future will be bright.

And so you get one for the road

And guess who walks on in the door?

The girl of all your dreams and then she smiles.

She's been looking for you everywhere,

When she got there, you weren't there,

And so she went back home and then she cried.

She said that she was gutted,

Because you're not like all the others

And would you like to take her out tonight?



10 - The end of the world


It’s not the end of the world

You’ve just broken my heart.

I’ve been better, I may have been worse.

Do you know, I thought you were the love of my life?

How can I be here, right back where I was?

I’d have walked to the ends of the earth.

What more did you want?


I gave you everything,

Oh I gave you everything

I gave you everything,

I gave you everything, everything, everything.


At the end of the day

I’m not falling apart.

I’ll get through my life without you.

Do you know, I thought you were the love of my life?

The love of my life!

So how can it be?

I thought you were the one.

I gave all that I had to give.

How much more did you want?



It’s not the end of the world

You’ve just broken my heart.



11 - Goin Nowhere


Well I walk the same old streets

Of this old mining town,

And I see the same old faces,

Heading for the same old places.

And I’ve worked inside the factories,

For men richer than I,

To line their Saville Row suits,

While I’m barely scraping by.

But they can have their money

For all I need is love,

And you can’t buy the way I feel,

Whenever I’m with her.


So I’m still here and I,

I’m still here and I,

I’m goin nowhere, goin nowhere.


Well I have ran across the fields

With dreams within my heart,

Now on the gifted side of 40,

But the fire still burns within me.

And I’ve played all these half empty bars,

Me and this old guitar,

Singing songs of love and freedom

To anyone who’ll hear them.

But I don’t see the bright lights,

That road was not for me.

And nothing makes me feel the way

I feel when she is near.



Well they say life’s what you make it,

Better make it what you want,

Everything I ever did, I did it all for love.



12 - One day


I got this place in my head

I dare to dream about.

I’ll take you sometime

Just put your hand in mine and we’ll run.

I look at the stars in the sky

As you lay there at my side.

I’ll sing you a new song of freedom,

I’ll sing you a new song of love.


Whenever you care, just find me here,

For I will be waiting for you.


I got these words in my head,

Just dying to get out.

But half of the time,

You’re stealing my mind, I get lost.

I just want to lay

And hold you a while in my arms.

I just want to get to know

The girl that I love



I just, I just, I just want one day.

She don’t leave me alone!


13 - Bob Tressell's Pen


Come gather round comrades and a story I’ll tell,

All about this fine badge that adorns my lapel.

It shows an old pair of trousers all ragged and frayed,

Yet high on a flagpole they’re proudly displayed.

It’s a symbol of hope and I wear it to show,

My love of a book written long, long ago.

A mighty great manuscript written by hand

About 12 months in hell told by one of the damned.


Working women and men rise again and take inspiration from Bob Tressell’s pen.

Working women and men rise again and take inspiration from Bob Tressell’s pen.


It tells of a system where corruption is rife

And how that impacts on the working class life.

How the great money trick was designed to ensure,

That rich men grow fat off the backs of the poor.

Those philanthropists struggled from cradle to grave,

But the fruits of their labour they willingly gave.

All the wealth they produced was just given away,

For a glimpse of false hope and a few pennies pay.


Now each generation must take up the fight,

To claim and claw back what’s ours by right.

So don’t doff your cap or call any man sir,

But stand up and fight for a system that’s fair.

Now I won’t be brow beaten, nor bullied or bowed,

I know me own mind and I’ll speak it out loud.

The struggle goes on although Bob Tressell is long dead,

So these ragged trousers are socialist red.



Written by Kevin Jones